Apex Legends Year 1 Roadmap

Posted in  pcgaming | 2022-06-02

Is Apex Growing Faster than Fortnite?

Apex Legends official Twitter reveals the game has hit 50 million players, which means its currently growing four times faster than Fortnite.

How Long is Apex Season 1?

What are Seasons in Apex Legends? Seasons are a set period of time where Apex Legends releases new content. They usually last about three months and coincide with Ranked play. Each Season has a new Battle Pass , gamebalance changes, new cosmetic items, and a new Legend.

Will Apex Ever Get a New Map?

The new Apex Legends map, Storm Point, will come out on November 2, 2021 with the launch of Season 11: Escape.

How Fast did Apex Legends Grow?

EA CEO Andrew Wilson stated on a February 1 earnings call that Apex Legends' monthly active player base has increased by 30% across the last 12 months.

How Long will APEX be Supported?

Respawn Has a 3-4 Year Long-Term Plan for Apex Legends.

What Season is it in Apex 2022?

Season 11 of Apex Legends began on November 2nd, but don't worry if you haven't been able to jump in. There is still some time left before Season 11 ends, so you can still reap all the rewards currently available. Season 12 is due to begin on February 8, 2022, if we go by the end of the Battle Pass.

What is the Next Ranked Map in Apex?

The maps players will be on for Season 12 of Apex Legends Ranked Leagues will be Olympus and Kings Canyon : Split 1 – Olympus. Split 2 – Kings Canyon.

Is there a New Map in Apex Season 12?

Apex Legends Season 12 has a new Legend Maggie, new LimitedTime Mode, and brand new map changes.

Year 1 Roadmap for Apex Legends! Battle Pass, New Loot ...