Apex Legends Kings Canyon Vault

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Is Apex Legends Getting Rid of Kings Canyon?

Respawn Entertainment Kings Canyon is the games original map, and while its been updated since its release, it still remains the classic Apex Legends experience. Kings Canyon will be removed at the start of Season 11, and wont return until Season 12 at the earliest.

How do you Open the Underground Bunker in Apex?

After opening a bunker door, hop down onto the ledges below, or use the yellow ziplines to descend. Explore the underground rooms and pick up any desirable gear. Exit via either the main entrance, or interact with the green screen to open the second hatch.

Where is the Loot Vault Key Apex?

The players can find the vault key location on the map easily by spotting a loot drone. These players can get the vault key by shooting the drome down. Keep in mind that these drones have the ability to change colour from blue to purple, to gold.

What is a Blast Hatch?

A blast hatch is a blast resistant access door designed to mount on a horizontal surface – like the top of a bomb shelter, and open to a vertical position. American Safe Room designs and manufactures these blast and ballistic hatches: Flat Blast Hatch.

What are Bunker Codes?

Prison - 72948531.
Farmland - 49285163.
South Junkyard - 97264138.
North Junkyard - 87624851.
Park (nuke) - 60274513.
TV Station - 27495810.

Are there any Bunkers in Caldera?

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 bunker locations
As it stands, only seven of the 14 hatches are open across Caldera. Those locations are listed on the map below.

How do you Open the Loot Bunker in Apex?

Jump into a Kings Canyon match on Apex Legends.
Head to the spot between Slum Lakes and Containment, just north east of The Pit.
Land on the bunker between the shrubbery and interact.
The hatch should swing open, allowing you to drop in.

How do you Open the Silos in Apex Legends?

Head to the Broken Coast South region of King's Canyon.
Drop onto the ledge sticking out from the side of the cliff.
Head to the right of the Charge Station to the end of the bunker and open the door.
Use the keypad to open the bunker and escape.

Another Secret VAULT Opens on Kings Canyon... What's ...