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Posted in  pcgaming | 2022-06-02

Was Absolver Successful?

Was Absolver Successful? As the game hit the market on PC and console as August 29th approaches, more than 250,000 copies have been sold. Several key factors have prompted Devolver to turn off the release of other games with masks in them such as Absolver and Ruiner, a spokesperson confirmed to GamesBeat.

Do People Still Play Absolver 2020?

In terms of player numbers, the game experienced a couple of peaks in April and November 2020, both of which fell away shortly after, but beyond that the player headcount appears to have hit something of a plateau, with numbers running between 120 – 140 players in total over the course of last year, though there are a ...

Is Absolver Discontinued?

Absolver had its run but as with all good things it appears to have come to an end. That is not to say the game is dead, there are still plenty of players around still and 1v1's are still about as diverse as before.

Is Absolver Free?

Absolver is free to play for the weekend on Steam.

What is Absolver Downfall?

Absolver: Downfall is a new, free expansion for the online melee brawler that brings a new game mode, new combat style, new school challenges, and a fistful of new gear for Prospects and Absolvers.

Does Absolver Get more Content 2021?

Absolver developers reveal their new Kung Fu game, SIFU, coming in 2021 on Epic Game Store. The Sloclap team has been working hard for the past two years and we are all very proud to announce Sifu, our new game coming out in 2021.

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