How to Replace Nintendo Ds Lite Case?

Posted in  nintendo | 2022-03-16

Replacing The Nintendo DS Lite Shell

And have no popped off the top part of the shell. Here how to remove the battery cover the battery and the GPS lock detector. So once you've done that it should just come off.

How do you Unscrew a DS Lite?

Use a knife to pry off the two rubber feet (there are screws underneath).
Lift the back half of the case off of the DS.
Remove the remaining screw that is holding the PCB in place.
Disconnect the black antenna wire from the WiFi module and pull it out from under the Slot-1 assembly.

How do you Remove a DS Lite Case?

You can use a small flathead screwdriver or an exacto knife to remove the covers so you can get to the screws. Also, don't forget the little black screw in the DS cartridge slot. After all of the screws are out, you can SLOWLY pull off the back cover.

How to Replace Nintendo DS Lite Shell and Screen