Why is the Minecraft Website in Spanish?

Posted in  minecraft | 2022-03-24

How do I Change the Language on my Minecraft Website?

To change the language on Minecraft's website, scroll down to the bottom of the site and locate the globe icon in the bottom left corner. Here, you should be able to choose between 21 different language settings. You'll be able to tell what language the Minecraft website is in by looking at the URL.

Why is the Minecraft Website in Portuguese?

When accessing the Minecraft website from a device located in Brazil, the geolocation feature redirects the user to the Portuguese version of the page (https://www.minecraft.net/pt-pt/), which is meant be used in Portugal. (That's the reason the website is translated to both dialects in the first place).

Why is my Minecraft Website in Polish?

The issue seems to be that minecraft.net does not respect the order of browsers language preferences. However, minecraft.net always defaults to Polish, regardless of where in the list pl is. If pl is removed, the site always defaults to Russian, again, ignoring the order of the list.