Who is Ronnie Mac?

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How did Ronnie Mac Become Famous?

Enter the illusive internet sensation otherwise known as Ronnie Mac . After letting the world know how sick he is by posting a video to YouTube of himself going extremely big back in November of 2008, Ronnies goal had been accomplished.

What is Ronnie Mac's Last Name?

Macs full real name, Ronald McDonald, is revealed in the season seven episode "The High School Reunion". Mac hates the name due to its connection with the mascot of McDonalds as well as his old nickname, "Ronnie the Rat," which he obtained from ratting on his peers in high school.

Who is Jimmy Albertson?

Team rider and owner of Jimmy Albertson Racing, Jimmy Albertson was severally injured last Saturday in the second qualifier in round 10 of Monster Energy Supercross in Daytona, FL.

What Dirt Bike does Ronnie Mac Ride?

Mechanic Jimmy McGarth Jr. shares a few expert tuning tips and secrets from Ronnie Mac's 1998 Honda CR250 two-stroke motocross machine.

What does Ronnie Mac Call his Bike?

The prize winner of this incredible raffle will become the new owner of the actual 1998 Honda CR250 aka the Screaming Eagle motorbike that Ronnie Mac rode at 2017 AUSX Open event in Sydney AND both AUSX Open Sydney and SX Open Auckland events in 2018.

Who is Ronnie Mack?

Ronnie Mack made a name for himself as a savior of sorts on the Los Angeles country and roots music circuit. A native of Baltimore, he was born on April 18, 1954. From an early age he was impressed by the guitar. The radio also was an important tool in Mack's development as a musician.

Who Sponsors Ronnie Mac?

Ronnie has two sponsors, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and V Force Reeds as he seems to always needs to pin his 2-stroke to the rev limiter at any chance he can get while gooning to the max. We hope the man never seeks professional help, as his entertainment always brings a smile to our face.

Does Ronnie Mac Live in Oregon?

Ronnie Mac 69 is in Bend, Oregon.
Oregon doesn't appreciate you like Montana would! Head to Butte, home of Evel Kinevel! Literally hundreds of miles of his old stomping grounds.

Why is Ronnie Mac Banned?

Rumours as to why Ronnie Mac is out have revolved around his CR250 being too old to be eligible, him not being allowed to register under a false name or that he was involved in some drunken antics at a race in the USA.

Who was Uncle Ronnie?

Ronald Dean "Ronnie" Polkingharn (born July 1972) is Eminem's (Marshall Mathers) uncle who's 2 months older than him. His mom is Betty Hixson, his sisters are Debbie Mathers-Briggs (née Nelson), and Betty Renee. His brothers are Steven Nelson and Todd Nelson (deceased).

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