Which Device Makes Traffic-forwarding Decisions Based on Mac Addresses??

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-21

What Device Would Forward Traffic Based on MAC Address?

A switch operates at level 2 of the OSI model , and forwards network traffic based of MAC Addresses.

Which Device Makes Traffic Forwarding Decisions Based on MAC Addresses Quizlet?

Switches can make additional forwarding decisions based on the MAC address .

What Device Makes Forwarding Decisions Based on the IP Address?

Routers can access IP packets carried to them in frames, so they can make forwarding decisions based on the IP destination address they find. The forwarding of packets by routers is referred to as packet switching.

Which Common Network Device Makes Decisions Makes on MAC Addresses?

A bridge is making forwarding decisions in software based on the MAC addresses of what happens to be on both sides of that bridge. We would commonly use these bridges to connect two separate physical networks.

Which Network Device Makes Forwarding Decisions Based only on the Destination MAC Address that is Contained in a Frame?

The switch makes its forwarding decisions based solely on the Layer 2 Ethernet MAC addresses. An Ethernet switch examines its MAC address table to make a forwarding decision for each frame.