Where is the Root User's Home Directory Located on a Mac Os X File System??

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-15

Home Directory

The Unix superuser has access to all directories on the filesystem, and hence can access home directories of all users. The superusers home directory on older systems was /, but on many newer systems it is located at /root Linux, BSD, or /var/root Mac OS X.

Where is the Root Directory on Mac?

1: Use the Go To Folder Keyboard Shortcut
Go To Folder is easily one of the most useful keyboard shortcuts in the Mac OS X Finder since you can jump anywhere instantly, and the root directory is no exception: Anywhere on the Mac desktop, hit Command+Shift+G, then type / and hit return to jump to root Macintosh H.

Where is Root Account Home Directory?

On Linux, the root user's home directory is /home/root on some select distributions, but you'll usually see it positioned at /root right in the top level of the beginning of the file structure.

What is Root and Home Directory in Mac?

Root directory is the base of the file tree, everything else, including the OS system files, is in it. Home directory is within the root directory, and contains user files, contained in a sub directory for each user.