Where does Turbotax Save Files Mac?

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-20

Where do I Find TurboTax Files on Mac?

To find your tax data file : In the upperright corner of your screen, select the Spotlight magnifying glass icon, and then type . tax in search field. Tax return files will appear in the Documents section.

Where does TurboTax Save my Files?

By default, TurboTax saves tax file s in the My Documents TurboTax folder. After locating the tax file in its folder, open your tax return using the same version of TurboTax for that year. For example, open your 2021 return in the TurboTax 2021 program and your 2020 return in TurboTax 2020.

How do I Save TurboTax Files on Mac?

From the File menu in the upper-left corner of TurboTax, choose Save As (Windows) or Save (Mac). Browse to where you want to save your backup. In the File name field, enter a name that will distinguish it from the original (for example, incorporate "Backup" or "Copy" in the file name).

How do I Open a .tax File on a Mac?

Select Open Tax Return from the File menu Windows or TurboTax menu Mac, browse to the location of your . tax or tax data file not the PDF, select it, and then select Open.