What is Trackpad Button Mac?

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-21

What Is a Force Touch Trackpad? How to Use on a MacBook

The Force Touch trackpad allows you to Force click, a tool that unlocks new functions for your MacBook depending on what you click. You can look up words, fast forward and rewind, see previews, and more with Force Touch. You can customize your Force Touch trackpad in System Preferences.

Where is the Trackpad Button?

The touchpad, by far the most common type, is a flat area, located beneath your keyboard. A pointing stick is a small button located among your computer's keys.

How do I Turn on my Mac Trackpad?

Go to the  Apple menu and open “System Preferences”
Choose “Trackpad” and go to the “Point & Click” tab.
Check the box next to Tap to click

What does a Trackpad Do?

A trackpad, also known as a touchpad or glide pad, is a device that translates the position and motion (left, right, up, and down) of your fingers in order to move the cursor on your screen and interact with websites and applications.

What is the Force Touch Trackpad?

The Force Touch trackpad responds to your taps and presses with haptic feedback technology that you can actually feel. Haptic feedback is made possible due to Taptic Engine.

How Apple's Force Touch Trackpad Works