What is the Best Usb Hub for Mac?

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-21

Best USB-C Hubs for MacBook Pro in 2022

EZQuest USB-C Multimedia Hub.
Plugable USB-C 7-in-1 Hub.
Kensington SD1650P USB-C 4K Portable Docking Station.
Dell DA300 6-in-1 USB-C Hub.
Kensington SD1600P USB-C Mobile Dock.
Kingston Nucleum USB-C hub.
Anker PowerExpand+ 7-in-1 USB-C Hub.
Euasoo 9-in-1 USB-C Hub.

Which USB-C Hub does Apple Recommend?

When it comes to USB-C hubs, we like the Satechi USB-C Aluminum Multi-Port Adapter because it's small, versatile, and reliable. Other favorites, like the budget-friendly vilcome 8-in-1 and port-heavy TOTU 11-in-1, also come highly recommended.

Can you Use a USB Hub on a Mac?

Installing a USB hub is quite simple. You just attach its uplink port to a USB hub on your Mac or on another USB hub. Then, attach each device to a port on the hub. If the hub is self-powered, attach its power source.

Can I Add more USB Ports to my Mac?

How to add USB A to a MacBook. If you want to plug in older USB devices such as a mouse and keyboard, or your iPhone via its Lightning to USB connector, you either need to purchase a USB-C - USB-A adapter and plug that into the MacBook, or you could buy a new cable for your device that has a USB-C connection.

Which is the Best USB Hub to Buy?

Our pick. Anker PowerExpand 8-in-1 USB-C PD 10Gbps Data Hub. The best USB-C hub.
Budget pick. Anker PowerExpand+ 7-in-1 USB-C PD Media Hub. A great array of data ports at a lower price.
Also great. Satechi 4-Port USB-C Hub. More USB-C ports.
Also great. Anker 10-Port 60W USB 3.0 Hub. The most ports.

Top 5 Best USB C Hub for MacBook