What is a Computer to Computer Network Mac?

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-23

How to Create and Use an Ad Hoc Network on Your Mac

Apple's official name is Computer-to-Computer Network, but I'll go by the more common moniker, Ad Hoc Network. You can create an ad hoc network between two or more computers and hand-held devices without using an AirPort Base Station or other router. It's all done on the Mac; let me show you how.

How do I Add a Computer to my Network Mac?

On your Mac, enable legacy networks.
Click the WiFi status icon in the menu bar , then choose Create Network.
Enter a name and choose a channel for your network.
Click Create.

How do I Remove a Computer from my Mac Network?

Simply click the network, and then find the Minus icon at the bottom of the list. When you select the icon, your Mac will eliminate the network from the list.

How do I See other Computers on my Network Mac?

Choose Apple menu > Recent Items, then choose from the list of recent servers. In the Finder , choose Go > Connect to Server, click the popup menu to the far right of the Server Address field, then choose a recent server. Add shared computers, network areas, and workgroups to the Finder sidebar.

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