What does a Mac Mini Server do?

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-22

Use Mac Mini as a Server

Time Machine Server: Uses File Sharing to allow users to back up their Mac computers on your Mac mini using File Sharing. See Back up to a shared folder with Time Machine on Mac in the macOS User Guide. Caching Server: Uses Content Caching to provide caching of software distributed by Apple through the internet.

What is Mac Mini Server Used For?

When it comes to using the Mac Mini as a server for file sharing, remote desktop access, backups, and media streaming, it can definitely hold its own. Devices designed to be servers might ultimately be more powerful and better for groups of people all accessing files at once.

What can you do with a Mac Server?

macOS Server lets you set up and manage multiple Mac computers and iOS devices, right from your Mac. And its so simple to use, you dont need an IT department.

What is the Difference between a Mac Mini and a Mac Mini Server?

Apple sells a “Mac mini” and a “Mac mini with OS X Server.” Other than the obvious differences ie, RAM, processor, etc the only difference is that the high end mini comes with Server. If you dont need the extra hard drive, you can order the midrange Mac mini $799 and just download Server.

Can I Use a Mac Mini as a NAS?

A standalone Mac mini isnt a NAS and doesnt fulfill requirements of a NAS in any way. It can become a powerful file server when using external RAID enclosure and Ive said it many times before. But a Mac mini in its purest expression isnt a NAS at all.

My New 2018 Mac Mini Server