Mac Put Hard Disks to Sleep when Possible?

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-16

What does it Mean to Put Hard Disks to Sleep when Possible?

If the hard drive is put to sleep it will turn off, thus not using any electricity which will help the battery last a bit longer.

Should I Let my Hard Drive Sleep?

Still, if you don't use your computer that often, you should use some form of sleep /hibernation to save electricity and reduce the hours your hard drive spends spinning.

How do I Put an External Hard Drive to Sleep on a Mac?

On macOS, theres isnt a way to do so from the command line . To put your drives to sleep aka spin down you need to send an ATA command to the drive.

Do I Need to Put SSD to Sleep?

If you typically have no more than a few GB of RAM in use and if you usually dont use sleep mode more than once or twice per day, Id say that its reasonable to use with your SSD.

How to Put Hard Disks to Sleep when Possible on Mac® OS X ...