How to Use Terminal to Unzip Files on Mac?

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-20

Can't Unzip: Operation not Permitted or Decompression Failed ...

Open Terminal . You can use the Mac search at the top right and start typing Terminal. It will appear, click on it to open the program.
Type “unzip” and a space, then drag/drop the zip file into the Terminal window.
Press Enter and the zip file will be unzipped, storing all files on your computer.

Unzipping Files Using Terminal- Mac Only

Step 1 Move . zip File to the Desktop.
Step 2 Open Terminal. You can either search for Terminal in upper right corner or locate it in the Utilities folder, which is in the Applications folder.
Step 3 Change Directory to Desktop.
Step 4 Unzip File.

How do I Unzip a Zip File in Terminal?

To extract the files from a ZIP file, use the unzip command, and provide the name of the ZIP file. Note that you do need to provide the “. zip” extension. As the files are extracted they are listed to the terminal window.

Unzip Using Terminal in Mac