How to Use Sudo Command Mac?

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-18

Enter Administrator Commands in Terminal on Mac

To run commands with superuser privileges, use the sudo command. sudo stands for superuser do. Youre asked for the password of the current user . Youre asked to enter the password for adminUsername, after which a new shell is opened for that user.

Can I Use Sudo in Mac?

If youve used Mac OS Xs command line at all, you may have already seen the sudo command. It lets you execute commands as root also known as the superuser, which you may want to do periodically for various UNIX system administration tasks. However, sudo can also be used to run any Mac OS X application as root.

Where is Sudo on Mac?

The sudoers file is located at /etc/sudoers but, unlike /etc/hosts and many other system configuration files, you do not want to point a general text editor at the file to modify it. Instead, youll want to use a specific command called visudo, which confirms proper syntax before saving the document.

Mac 10.6 Tutorial Using the Sudo Command in Terminal