How to Turn off Sound Notifications on Mac?

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-20

How to Turn On/off Sound Notifications

Open System Preferences and select Notifications.
Select the Front app, and check/uncheck Play sound for notifications.

How do I Silence Notifications on my Mac?

Open System Preferences on your Mac. Head over to Notifications and select the Notifications tab. Select the app for which you want to disable notifications. On the right, toggle off Allow Notifications.

How do I Turn off Sound Notifications?

Tap your profile picture .
Tap Settings .
Tap Notifications.
Turn Disable sounds & vibrations on or off.
Tap Disable sounds & vibrations to your desired Start time and End time.

Why does my Mac Keeps Making a Notification Noise?

Odds are the sounds are coming from a program you have running on the Mac. Apples Mail software, for example, can be set to make a whooshing noise when you send off a message. You can see what systemwide alert sounds are used on your Mac by going to the Apple Menu and opening System Preferences.

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