How to Turn off Archive in Gmail on Mac?

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-20

How to Stop Auto-archive in Mail

Log into gmail using your web browser then go to the pop/imap settings and change the archive setting. Clearly you know little about the subject. Its a Gmail function, not Mac Mail , if you stop using Gmail it stops.

How do I Stop Emails from Going to Archive on Mac?

Open the Settings app.
Tap Passwords & Accounts.
Select the email account you want to change. On the next screen, select the same email account under Accounts.

How do I Stop Gmail from Archiving?

You cannot disable archive, but nothing is forcing you to use it. You can move all your messages from Archive to Inbox by these steps: Click "All Mail" on the left to open all email messages. Click checkbox to select all messages.

Why are my Gmail Emails Going to Archive on Mac?

Its the Apple software that creates the Archive folder . In Gmail, "archive" just means remove the Inbox label so that the message no longer appear there. Its the Apple software that creates the Archive folder. Going into a bit more detail, Apple Mail renames the Gmail "All Mail" label to "Archive" in the client.