How to Read Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo on Mac?

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-23

How to Copy Sony Memory Stick Files to a Mac

Plug the memory stick adapter into a USB port on your Mac.
Plug the Sony memory stick into the memory stick adapter.
Press "Cmd-N" to launch the Finder.

How do I Transfer Photos from Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo to IPad?

As stated by others, the only way to get those photos onto your iPad is to first move the photos from the camera or stick to your PC, then tell iTunes to sync them onto your iPad. Transfer them to your computer and then do a sync.

How do I Install a Memory Stick on my MacBook Pro?

Connect the memory stick in an available USB port on your Mac.
Double click the icon.
Save open documents or software to your memory stick by clicking the USB icon and clicking “Save.” You can also click and drag an open document or program to the USB icon and selecting “Save.”

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