How to Play Mswmm Files on Mac?

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-23

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If you are a Mac user , you should create a Maccompatible video file. Open the MSWMM project file in Windows Movie Maker, and save the movie in WMV for example. Then you can just choose a proper player to enjoy your . mswmm file on your Mac.

How do I Convert MSWMM to MP4?

Step 1Save MSWMM files as video files .
Step 2 Add video files to this MSWMM to MP4 video converter.
Step 3 Choose MP4 as the output format.
Step 4 Convert MSWMM files to MP4 files.

How do I Watch MSWMM Files?

mswmm projects came from, just install Movie Maker 2012. But if you have project files from an older version than that e.g. WMM 2.1 from XP, or WMM 2.6 from Vista, they cant be directly opened in the latest Movie Maker. You would instead need to install Windows Movie Maker 6.0.

How do I Convert MSWMM to WMV?

Load the MSWMM file to Windows Movie Maker now. Open the drop-down list at top left corner. Click “Save Movie” —> “For computer”. The MSWMM file can be saved as a WMV video.

How do I Convert MSWMM to AVI?

Open Windows Movie Maker and choose the desired file.
Choose to save the completed file on your computer and choose the appropriate file name.
Click on the settings for publishing your movie and choose the preview option of watching your movie after the publishing is complete.