How to Open New Window on Mac Safari?

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-18

How to Open Multiple Browser Windows in Safari and Toggle

Launch the Safari Web browser, then click "File" from the main menu bar . Video of the Day.
Select "New Window" from the dropdown list. A new Safari window opens.
Press the "Command" key and hold it.
references. Apple: Mac 101: Safari 4.

How do I Open Two Windows in Safari?

Open the Safari app.
Tap and hold on a link on the web page you are viewing.
A menu will appear, tap the “Open in Split View” option.
Your second web page will open and will take up half the screen.

What is the Shortcut for Opening up a New Window in Safari?

To open a new Safari window, use Command+N. To open a new Safari Private window, use Command+Shift+N.

How do I Open a New Page in Safari?

Launch Safari, tap & hold the link. Then select “Open in New Tab ” for iPad or “Open in New Page” for iPhone/iPod. There is also a Safari preference to open links in background on the iPhone, or to open new tabs in background on the iPad this setting is on by default by tapping Settings > Safari.

How to Make Safari Open all New Pages in a Tab