How to Open Finder on Mac?

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-14

How to Use Finder on your Mac

Click on your desktop dont select an app or program, click on File in the Menu bar and choose New Finder Window.
On your Dock, click on the Finder icon looks like a smiling face.
On your keyboard, hit CommandN while you have the desktop selected.

Is there a Keyboard Shortcut to Bring up Finder?

Press ⌘ + Space to show Spotlight and start typing the name of the file/folder you want.
Use the Up and Down to highlight the file or folder, and then press ⌘ + R — youll get a Finder window with the given folder or file.

How do I Open Finder on Mac Without Mouse?

Getting to the Finder
Instead of clicking the Finder icon in the Dock, or clicking on a window, just press CommandTab to bring up the macOS application switcher. Keep holding the Command key, and press Tab repeatedly to cycle through the apps you see in the bezel that displays onscreen.

How do I Open Finder Window on Mac?

If you want to quickly open Finder , just press Option+Command+Space. This opens the “Searching This Mac” window. Apple designed this window for quick file searches.

Why can I not Open Finder on my Mac?

Press the buttons CMD + Option + Esc on Mac's keyboard. When the list of running applications come forth, find 'Finder' in the list and then click on Relaunch. Now check if the issue is resolved and you are able to operate the Finder properly.

Where is the Finder Window on Mac?

It includes the Finder menu bar at the top of the screen and the desktop below that. It uses windows and icons to show you the contents of your Mac, iCloud Drive , and other storage devices. Its called the Finder because it helps you to find and organize your files.

Where is Finder Settings on Mac?

To change these preferences, click the Finder icon in the Dock, then choose Finder > Preferences.

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