How to Make Atom Default Text Editor Mac?

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-17

How do I Make the Atom Default Text Editor in Terminal Mac?

In Finder, rightclick an HTML file .
From the context menu, select Get Info.
In the dialog that opens, theres an entry for "Open with", which should show DreamWeaver in your case.
Open the dropdown and select Atom it should be one of the available options.
Click the Change All...

How do I Set the Default Editor on a Mac?

First, right click on the selected file.
Open the Get Info option.
Instead of choosing a program from the drop down box, click on Other.
Pick a program from Finder and once you picked the appropriate one, select it.
Below the drop down box, a Change All button will appear.

What is the Default Text Editor on a Mac?

Your Mac comes with a text editor : TextEdit. Youll find it in the Applications folder. This app allows you to write in two ways: in RTF rich text format, which allows you to apply standard formatting, and even add images to files, and plain text.

How do I Set the Default Text Editor?

Right click on a text file.
Choose "Properties" (not "Open With...")
Click on the "Open With" tab.
Choose your new text editor.
Mark chosen text editor using a button "Set as default".