How to Install Vlc on Mac?

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-17

How do I Download VLC on my Mac?

Download VLC installation file from the location mentioned above VideoLAN website.
Locate the downloaded file which will be named something like vlc2.1.0.dmg.
Open the file.
Click and drag the VLC icon to the applications folder.
VLC will be copied to your applications folder.

How do I Enable VLC on my Mac?

Mac. Right-click on the type of file you want to always open with VLC. Click 'Get Info'. In the 'Open With' section, select VLC from the drop-down menu.

Is VLC Safe for Mac?

VLC media player for Mac is an opensource crossplatform multimedia player that plays most multimedia files, as well as various streaming protocols. Safe, powerful, and completely free, the VLC app can play a range of media, including video and music files, in multiple formats directly on your Mac.

Does VLC Player Work on Mac?

VLC media player requires Mac OS X 10.7. 5 or later. It runs on any Mac with a 64bit Intel processor or an Apple Silicon chip.

Why VLC is not Working on Mac?

Fix #1: Reset VLC Preferences.
If you are able to open the VLC app, you can try resetting the preferences from the VLC menu > Preferences > Reset All. Once you confirm your action, the app will reset and restart itself.

VLC Media Player for Mac

Over there click on download VLC. And youll get the latest version for your Mac. Once its downloaded you are appealing your downloads folder. Click on the dmg. File. Wait for it to verify.

2.1. Install VLC

Mac OS X . Download the Mac OS X package from the VLC MacOS X download page . Doubleclick on the icon of the package : an icon will appear on your Desktop, right beside your drives. Open it and drag the VLC application from the resulting window to the place where you want to install it it should be /Applications.

How to Download Install VLC Media Player for Mac