How to Install Macos Sierra on Pc Without Mac?

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-21

How can I Install MacOS on my Laptop Without Mac?

Reset your BIOS and set to default values.
Disable VT-d option.
Enable Intel Virtualization Technology.
Disable Fast Boot.
Set OS Type to Other OS.
Set SATA mode operation to AHCI.
Disable Internal Graphics.

Can we Install MacOS on Non-Apple PC?

You can install Windows on a Mac using Boot Camp or virtualization software, but you are legally required to purchase a license for Windows in order to do so. OS X is licensed only for use on Apple hardware. Installing it on nonApple hardware is a violation of the EULA. Its illegal.

How do I Install MacOS High Sierra on my PC?

Turn on your PC.
Press F12 to enter boot menu .
Select your USB Flash Drive with the UEFI prefix and press enter to boot.
When at Clover screen, select Boot macOS Install from Install macOS High Sierra.
It will take couple of minutes to boot into installer screen.

How do I Install MacOS High Sierra from USB?

Go to System Preferences .
Click on Startup Disk and select the installer.
Restart your Mac.
Hold down Command ⌘ + R to boot into recovery mode.
Connect your macOS High Sierra bootable USB.
Within a few seconds, a macOS Utility screen should pop up.

How to Install MacOS High Sierra on PC Without Mac ...