How to Import Songs to Spotify Mac?

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-23

How To Add Your Own Music Tracks to Spotify 2021

The first thing you need to do is open up spotify on your desktop. So i'm in the spotify. App on my mac. And in the top right hand corner i can go to settings.

How do I Add Music from my Mac to Spotify?

To add songs to a Spotify playlist , you can drag and drop them into the playlist, or use each songs options menu. You can add songs or podcasts to a Spotify playlist on both the PC and Mac version of the app, and the mobile version for iPhone and Android.

How do I Import Songs into Spotify?

In the “ Music Library ” section, click on “ADD A SOURCE.” In the “Show songs from” section, click on “ADD A SOURCE” to choose a folder, then click on “OK.” The folder you selected now appears in the “Show songs from” section in the Spotify app. You can toggle each folder on or off whenever you want.

How To Add Songs To Spotify - Play Local Files in Spotify - 2020