How to Go Back a Directory in Terminal Mac?

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-17

How to Get to the Previous Directory in a Mac Terminal

Type "cd -" in the Terminal window and press "Return." The Terminal returns to the previous directory.

How do I Go Back to Desktop in Terminal?

You can use the cd command, which stands for Change Directory . From within ~ , our home directory, at our prompt $ , we type cd Desktop . Our terminal will change the directory and enter our Desktop folder and our prompt will now indicate that our working directory is ~/Desktop .

How do I Go Back and Forward in Terminal?

Option/Alt + Left or Right
Use Option and the left arrow to move back and use Option with the right arrow to move forward down the line.

How do I Go Back to a Parent Folder in Terminal?

You can go back to the parent directory of any current directory by using the command cd .. , as the full path of the current working directory is understood by Bash . You can also go back to your home directory e.g. /users/jpalomino at any time using the command cd ~ the character known as the tilde.

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