How to Get French Keyboard on Mac?

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-23

How to Type French Accents on a MacBook Pro

Most French accents are typed on a MacBook Pro by holding down "option", pressing another key that correlates to the sort of accent you want to type, then hitting the letter that you want to have an accent. For example, if you wanted to type "ù" then youd press "`" while holding down "option", then hit "u".

How do I Get French Accents on my Mac Keyboard?

To type accents and other French characters, hold the option key while typing the keys in the third column, then release everything and press the key in the last column if any. For example, to type é, hold option key while typing e, then release both and type e again.

How do I Switch between Languages on my Keyboard Mac?

Click Input menu in the menu bar and select the preferred language.
Use one of the following shortcut: control + option + space: To view all language and switch to one language. control + space: To switch between two input languages.

Typing French Accents on a Mac