How to Forget a Bluetooth Device on Mac?

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-18

Remove or Reconnect Bluetooth® Device (macOS)

Open " System Preferences ".
Open "Bluetooth".
Select a device that you wish to delete and press the "x" on the right. The selected device will be removed from the list.
Please refer to the articles below for details on how to reconnect the device.

Why Can't I Remove a Bluetooth Device Mac?

Enable the bluetooth icon in the menu bar if you havent already done so System Preferences / "Show Bluetooth in menu bar" checkbox Click on the bluetooth icon on the menu while holding down the option key. Select the bluetooth device you want to remove. Choose remove from the submenu.

How do I Forget a Bluetooth Device on my Mac 2021?

Hold option + shift on your keyboard and click the Bluetooth icon again. This time, choose “Remove all devices” > click OK.

How do I Force a Bluetooth Device to Forget?

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
Tap the Settings icon.
Select Connected devices or Device Connection.
Select Previously connected devices or Bluetooth.
If the Bluetooth function is OFF, turn it ON.
Tap the.

How do I Make my Computer Forget a Bluetooth Device?

On the Start menu , click the Settings/gear icon.
Click Devices.
On the Devices menu, click Bluetooth & other devices.
If the Bluetooth function is set to OFF, turn it ON. Your computer displays a list of saved Bluetooth devices.
Click on the device you want to unpair.
Click on Remove device.

How do I Get Rid of Unwanted Bluetooth Connections?

From a Home screen , do one of the following: Ensure Bluetooth is turned on. Navigate: Settings. Connected devices. Connection preferences. Bluetooth. . Navigate: Settings. Connected devices. .
Tap the appropriate device name or the. Settings icon. right.
Tap Forget or Unpair.

How do I Remove a Device from my Bluetooth List?

Open Start menu and select Settings.
Open Devices option.
Select the device you want to remove and click Remove Device and confirm your action.

How do I Completely Delete a Bluetooth Device?

Click the Start button, type "Settings", and click the Settings app.
Click Devices.
Click Bluetooth % other devices.
Select the device you wish to remove.
Click the Remove device button .
Click Yes to confirm.

How do I Delete a Bluetooth Device that Won't Delete?

Press Windows keys + R together to Open RUN command box.
Write devmgmt. msc in it and Click OK.
Click on View Tab and Choose Show Hidden Devices.
In Device manager expand bluetooth.
Right Click and Choose Uninstall device for the device you want to remove.

How To Remove Bluetooth Devices From Your Mac