How to Force Quit Quicktime Player on Mac?

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-19

How to Force an App to Quit on your Mac

Press these three keys together: Option, Command, and Esc Escape. Or choose Force Quit from the Apple menu  in the upperleft corner of your screen. This is similar to pressing ControlAltDelete on a PC. Then select the app in the Force Quit window and click Force Quit.

What Happens when Force Quit Doesn't Work on Mac?

Way 1: Kill Mac Process
If you cannot quit an app with force quit or CommandOptionEscape, you can turn to Activity Monitor , which allows you to force quit any frozen apps. Step 1 Open Activity Monitor in Application > Utilities. Step 2 Find the app that wont quit in the process list and select it.

How do I Force Quit my Mac when it Won't Force Quit?

Simultaneously press these three keys: Option, Command, and Esc Escape.
Select the app in the Force Quit window , and then click Force Quit.

How do you Restart an App on Mac that Won't Force Quit?

Press and hold the power button if you have a MacBook with a Touch Bar , its the Touch ID button.
Wait until you see the Apple logo on the screen.
Release the power button and wait for your Mac to restart.