How to Check File Size on Mac?

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-16

Mac Tip: 3 Ways to Check the Size of a File

For any file or folder, you can quickly view its size by controlclicking it and selecting Get Info. In the top right of the Get Info panel, youll see its size. You can also highlight a file in Finder and use the keyboard shortcut CommandI to open the Get Info panel.

How do I See all Files by Size on Mac?

From the Mac OS Desktop, open any new Finder window.
Hit Command+F to bring up Search.
Click on “Kind” filter and select “Other”, then select “File Size” from the attribute list.
Click on the second filter and choose “is greater than”

How do you Check the Size of a File?

How to do it: If it's a file in a folder, change the view to Details and look at the size. If not, try right-clicking on it and selecting Properties. You should see a size measured in KB, MB or GB.

3 Ways to Check Folder Size on Mac

Open Finder and click on View in the menu bar.
From the dropdown list, select as List.
Next, in the same menu bar, click on View.
Select Show View Options.
From the dropdown and check on the Size and Calculate all size box.

How do I Check the Size of a File in Mac Terminal?

From the Terminal, type: du -sh * and that will give you a listing of your files and folders with their sizes.

How To Get the Size Of a Folder On a Mac