How to Change Hard Drive Icon Mac?

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-17

How do I Change my Hard Drive Icon Mac?

Rightclick the drive youd like to give a custom icon, then click “Get Info.” This will bring up the information screen for your hard drive . If you click the icon at the top of this window, you will see a blue highlight, indicating that the icon has been selected.

How do I Change my Hard Drive Icon?

Change drive icons with Drive Icon Changer
Select the drive of which you want to change the icon and then select the icon file. Click the Save button to apply the new drive icon. You need to restart your PC once to see the new icon. If you get the old icon even after the PC restart, rebuild the icon cache.

How do I Change my Hard Drive Icon on Mac Big Sur?

Choose the Copy option from the Edit menu or press Command ⌘ + C on the keyboard.
Now controlclick on the storage device on your Macs Desktop whose icon you want to change.

How do I Change the Icon on my External Hard Drive?

Connect the removable drive you want to set a custom icon.
Using File Explorer , open the removable drive.
At the root of the drive, rightclick, select New, and click Text Document.
Name the file autorun.
Click Yes to confirm the rename.

How do I Change the Disk Image on a Mac?

In the Disk Utility app on your Mac, choose Images > Convert, select the disk image file you want to convert, then click Open. Click the Image Format popup menu, then choose a new image format. Readonly: The disk image cant be written to, and is quicker to create and open.

How to Change Drive Icons on MacOS