How to Burn Wav Files to Cd on Mac?

Posted in  mac | 2022-03-23

Create CDs and DVDs in Music on Mac

In the Music app on your Mac, create a playlist that contains the songs or files you want to burn to the disc.
Choose View > as Songs and make sure the items you want to include have a checkmark beside them.
Insert a blank disc.
Select the playlist, then choose File > Burn Playlist to Disc.

How do I Burn a WAV File to a CD?

Run AnyBurn, then click " Burn Audio CD from mp3/flac/ape...".
Click "Add" to add the wav files you want to burn.
Select the burning drive from the drive list, and change other burning settings if necessary.
AnyBurn will now start writing the selected wav files to the disc.

Why Won't my Mac Let me Burn Cds?

Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Battery . If a burned CD “stutters” when you play it in an external CDRW drive, try playing it in an internal drive or a stereo system. If your CD burn is unsuccessful and your external drive becomes unresponsive, turn the drive off and on to reset it.

How To Burn Files to a CD Or DVD Using Mac