How to Get a Jetski in Gta Vice City?

Posted in  gta | 2022-03-16


On a jetty in PIER 1 in Washington Beach. On a jetty at the InterGlobal Films studio, after the mission Say Cheese, it is only used for the Watersports courses. Can be purchased for $4,500 on the beach, south of Hyman Memorial Stadium.

Can you Swim in GTA Vice City?

According to the official game manual, the reason why players are unable to swim in the game is that the water around the Vice City is infested with sharks. So swimming in the water would mean that player would die.

Can you Fly in GTA Vice City?

Travel to the airport and unlike most other GTA games you cant find a plane to jump in and explore the city and beyond. Now you can use a van to jump onto the wings of a plane, but its not the same as flying. One is available, however, parked ready for you outside one of the assets.

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