How to Equip Body Armor in Gta 5?

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GTA 5 Online How To Equip Body Armor

And click a on inventory. Once you've done that you go down to body armor. And then you can go down to super heavy armor and click a on it and you can see my bar is now full.

How do you Equip in GTA?

Equip a weapon.
Scroll through the weapons in your inventory by using the right/left buttons or directional arrow keys until you reach the weapon you want to equip. Once you have reached the weapon, just exit the weapon wheel by releasing the L1 button (PS3), LB button (Xbox 360), or Tab key (PC).


You have to go into the N menu. And select inventory and select body armor. And here you can see four of the body armors that you have and you can select whether or not to show it on your character.

How do I Put my Bullet Proof Vest on GTA?

Hold the "Select" or "Back " button on your controller to open the Interaction Menu .
Scroll down to "Inventory"
Select "Body Armor"
Press "X" on your controller.

How does Armor Work in GTA 5?

In all of its appearances, armor now offers nearly the same amount of hit points as the players full health, doubling the players resistance to damage. The armor hit points stayed the same until Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas , where the armor is now a bar instead of hit points.

How to Equip Body Armor in GTA 5 Online