How to Fish with Explosives Fortnite?

Posted in  fortnite | 2022-03-15

Catch Fish With Explosive Weapons Fortnite

So come here near to the union or the authority. And all you have to do is just dummy these stuff oh i feel that. Yeah there is one i think you will find a lot of fishing spots.

How do you Catch Fish with Explosives in Fortnite?

Catching fish with Explosives
Hop in it and start looking for fishing hot spots . Once you find one, fire a rocket at it and if your aim is good enough you will blow it up. This will count as one fish caught with an Explosive Weapon.

How do you Fish for Explosive Items?

Find a spot of water and follow it until you come across an eddy. These small circles causing ripples are actually school of fish. Throw your explosives over the area and any fish or items present will rise to the surface. Be careful: when you fish, you become an easy target for your opponents.

Can you Fish with Explosives?

Blast fishing, also known as dynamite fishing, is a highly destructive, illegal method of catching fish which uses dynamite or other types of explosives to send shock-waves through the water, stunning or killing fish which are then collected and sold.